Did Tom Peters Envision MLM Or Direct Sales Network Marketing?

Quoting Tom Peters, “economic success is based upon the creation, design, manufacturing, distribution, sales and services of goods”. We have allowed many of our inventions and designs to be stolen or freely given away without thought or concern to the long term consequences. We find our manufacturing base primarily now in China and India. Even segments of our distribution has been handed over to Mexico. The bad news is those jobs are not returning.

So out of the five primary components of a healthy economy, we are left with distribution and sales. Service sector jobs can never be considered a base for a strong economy; There’s always someone who will do it for less money and the unlawful employment of illegal aliens as another area in which our government has conveniently turned a blind eye.

It seems apparent to survive we must hone our skills and learn to provide more efficient avenues of distribution and sales, which dove-tails nicely with Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Direct sales via Network Marketing. Getting the product to the customer in an efficient manner allow those in the sales channel to be rewarded for their respective efforts is becoming a more popular and acceptable way of doing business.

The Internet has become the open channel where shoppers can easily and rapidly find products and services at competitive prices and through a variety of sales portals. Individual entrepreneurs can generally ‘set up shop’ inexpensively and address a specific market in literally just a few days.

Many on-line courses are available to the first time entrepreneur providing step-by-step education for marketing and sales. Several of these courses provide real time webinar training sessions that are held daily in addition to extensive back-office resources that run the gamut from developing realistic goals, assisting in setting up a branded web site, advertising suggestions, implementing additional social media and handling merchant transactions.

We may have lost our manufacturing base but one foothold we still maintain and continue to further develop on a daily basis is the ability to better market and sell items efficiently. Network, MLM or direct sales will contribute to the GDP even as other markets and industries wither and disappear.