Win the War for Talent with a Candidate Value Proposition (CVP)

It’s not necessarily an expression you hear too often, and you may never have even heard about Candidate Value Propositions (CVPs) before.

They have to be the way forward though, in a tough hiring market like China. How can you differentiate yourself from every-other-company-in-China? How else can you get to the root of what it is that causes people to choose your company over others?

All of us are fighting the good fight, and victory accrues to those companies who can finesse their Job Offers into what appears to be the best available offer in the China market. If the match is done sufficiently well. and honestly, it will fit the aspirations of active and passive candidates in the market, and offer the best career progression in your industry.

The end result is obviously not just a series of nice photographs and advertisements. It’s a statement or series of statements that tap into candidate desires and needs, and position your company as the solution.

But how do you get to produce a Candidate Value Proposition(CVP)?:

Get Help – The methodology involved in producinge a Candidate Value Proposition (CVP) is very much in the skill set of the marketing department. It’s just another way of looking at branding and marketing, but with recruitment in mind as the final objective.

Marketing people have knowledge of th 4Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, Place), and can assist you to build a CVP that will be effective in the marketplace. The good news is that they will need your HR and hiring knowledge to flesh out the actual details but in order to have a successful cooperation you will have to begin to think like a marketer. Just a bit.

Candidate Research – This is the starting point and possibly the hardest thing to do. It requires time commitment and a budget, two things in very short supply for any HR staffer in China []. You know the candidates but you will need the help of someone who can actually get people together in some sort of focus group situation. Someone who can tease out the information that you know is there, but you can’t quite get to.

Analysis of Results – For this issue I would again suggest that you need help from a company that does competitive intelligence or a market research firm. You need someone with the subtlety of interpretation necessary to understand what candidates in your industry actually want, how they view your company, and how they can be enticed to view it in a better light.

Segmentation – Now matter what industry you are in, and no matter your size there will need to be some form of segmentation of your hiring market. If you don’t have any notion of segmentation right now then you probably don’t have the depth of analysis and understanding that you need to succeed. You don’t just need to segment the market, you also need to decide your own company’s positioning within that market.

This is where the hard questions arise: Do you offer high salaries? Or a balanced work and life scenario? Which one are you more comfortable with, and which fits the market best? There are no easy answers here but your answer will determine how successful you can be. Clearly there is no perfect positioning but no all positioning guarantees failure.

Career & Hiring Message – The key to this is to figure out the question: Why do people want to work in our company? What do they value the most?

If you look at a company like Microsoft they can make a CVP that says something like ‘Define leading edge technologies that will change the world’. But they are not the only ones. Even small companies or old industries can take the same tack.

Take for example something as routine as automotive lighting. You might see it as just bits of clear plastic with a light behind. But the true interpretation would lead to a CVP that focuses on the fact that anyone in the automotive lighting business is ‘defining the future look for a new generation of cars’. Take a look at the cars on your street and you will notice that the lights dominate the look now, so this is not a sales spiel. It’s the truth but stated in a way that makes automotive lighting attractive as a career.

So you are looking to craft a message that accurately defines the features and benefits of your product, a job, but in such a way that you maximise your advantage. The CVP has to be a real assessment and not some marketers notion of what is cool and trendy. This might work for mass media advertising for soft drinks but careers are too important to be treated in a trivial way.

Delivery – Now you have to choose where to present your newly created message. The obvious places are recruitment portals and newspapers, but now that you have a method with a fancy new acronym, why not go the whole hog and put it onto blogs, Youtube, social networks, career fairs, radio, TV etc. The possibilities are endless but again each media may or may not reflect the kind of positioning you are aiming for.

What are we waiting for here? Developing a Candidate Value Proposition feels more like play than work.

Go, have fun, and call it your job.

The Ameriplan Business Opportunity: Is It A Legit Endeavor?

Is The Ameriplan Business Opportunity A Scam?

We’ll be looking at three things in this piece- first, is the Ameriplan business opportunity a legitimate company ( i.e. not a scam )? Second- can they help you? And last-is it a good investment of your time and efforts?

What The Ameriplan Business Opportunity Offers Ameriplan is essentially another option people can use to get discounts from various providers for health care coverage. They also have Independant Business Owners (called IBO’s ) who promote Ameriplan and basically broker it. If you’re not in the U.S., then Ameriplan is not available to you. ( Sorry Alaska, you too.)Individuals pay $11.95 per month, households $19.95- to get 80 % off all dental work done. That was the original plan. Since then the company has expanded what they do and their coverages.They have added a free vision program and a pharmaceutical program, and a chiropractic program as well. In addition they offer programs at $39.95 /mo. for all of the above and physician care, nurse line,ancillary care,and hospital advocacy. Finally, there is one more program at $59.95 that also includes an auto club, identity theft assistance and legal services. You’re thinking ‘Wait, I thought this was a health insurance company, what’s with all the other stuff’? The company has obviously added more to their repertoire since then, for various reasons, but I’m assuming to provide more value in the face of one of their biggest complaints: that their programs are not accepted at many locations, and this can make it difficult and frustrating for people. This is also an objection raised about joining with the company and becoming an IBO( Independant, Broker- basically the equivalent of a distributor, with Ameriplan. Now is Ameriplan a scam? No. In fact, they were given an A by the Better Business Bureau.The only way any one might consider this program a scam was if they got into the company to make a lot of money and expected it to happen overnight; so let’s take a look at the business aspect…

The Lowdown On The Ameriplan

Business Opportunity If you’re thinking of joining the Ameriplan business opportunity you will basically be going in as a broker -recruiting people into signing with and using Ameriplan. Now according to their business plan they are THE largest provider of medical benefits at extremely low prices. That’s a difficult claim to evaluate, but one thing that does draw folks to the company is the lack of inventory and products. So when one joins the Ameriplan business oppurtunity, you pay an initial fee and a monthly fee for training, tools such as DVD’s and brochures, Ekits, and the like. One complaint I did observe about this company and the Ameriplan business opportunity was that not all tools were included in the beginning and their were price upgrades for additional tools. The comp plan is commission based, with matching bonuses, advanced commissions and management bonus ovverrides, which one becomes privy to as they recruit more people under them and rise in the company. This plan is actually very good, and if you are a person who is good on the phone and likes spending a lot of time recruiting others this way, Ameriplan may just be right for you and you can likely acquire a good deal of success with them.

Starscapes Review – Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Making money with a simple proven business is attractive to many of us.

Starscapes create the illusion of the night sky indoors when the lights are turned off, then return to normal with lights on. The market is both residential for home theater or bedroom, as well as commercial for hotels and meeting rooms.

Starscapes International was founded by Joe Petrashek in 1991 in Reno, Nevada and has been a division of Voyager Industries in Arizona since 1994.

To make money in your own business as a Starscapes owner/applicator you will need to express creativity and artistry as an “artist-illusionist” and learn to develop ceiling murals with a three dimensional appearance to accurately depict the night sky.

There is a learning curve involved in hand painting very small details in Starscapes on ceilings. Some have been more satisfied than others with the quality of training and materials. Popcorn ceilings and deluxe themes involve additional difficulty and time. Be certain to exercise due diligence in your investigation of the company’s introductory package and samples. Equipment, training and artistic skill are going to be factors in the degree of your success.

Recognize that Starscapes involve material cost, travel to the job sites, equipment, initial investment, sales leads, advertising costs, and standard set up items such as business cards, letterhead stationery and vehicle signage or window lettering. Expanding beyond owner/operator status would require hiring, training and employee administration costs. The company allows you to link to their corporate website to facilitate promotion, but this will also reveal price you paid.

The introductory Starscapes package includes two demonstration portals which are the effect applied to the ceiling, a presentation CD to give you an idea how to present the program to potential customers, brochure samples to give you an idea how to make your own brochures to hand out, business card samples and hotel signage samples. Cost in the US is $39.95 plus $19.95 shipping for a total of $59.90. If you like working with the introductory package, the equipment may be purchased. This includes a plastic dome that projects light on the ceiling as a guide for painting, and a black light activator for the paint. These are offered at $3,997 and also can be found for $3,497. Financing is available without interest with $1,495 down and 18 payments of $195 for a total of $5,005. Average retail price of the installed system is reported to be $4 to $8 per square foot, up to $12 to $18 per square foot with options.

You may wish to consider Starscapes if you enjoy working creatively at project locations, have an ability to create sales leads and develop prospects and effectively manage your business. Also consider whether current economic conditions in commercial or residential real estate could influence your success in marketing this product.